December 2014

First Regional Design Conference was held in Macedonia

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As part of this year's Skopje Poster Festival, which opening was held yesterday at the MKC, for the first time in the country held regional design conference on the Condition of the Design in The Balkans and its Integration in the Educational Process To return to the true values that promote the design and designers [...]

Winners of 7th Skopje Poster Festival |Design for peace|

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Ferhat Tunc-Turkey, Aslihan Tatligil-Turkey and Johanna Pedarnig-Germany are the winners of this year Skopje Poster / International Student Poster Competition on entitled ‘Design for Peace’. Those three authors will be awarded with organisation of theirs exhibition and taking part of the jury selection in the next year 8th Skopje Poster! They also are recognized with [...]

World known designers and creatives, guests at the 7th edition of the Skopje Poster Festival

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We are looking a head at the 7th edition of the Skopje Festival poster, previously known as the International Student Poster Competition, has grown into a distinctive, original festival with major focus on poster design and visual arts communication and creative industries. Association of graphic designers Plakart, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the [...]

November 2014

Kids vs. Designers

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The Kids Were Clear: We Draw For Peace! This activity was part of the 7. Skopje Poster Festival on issue “Designers for peace”. Drawings created by the kids from different ethnic background at age 8-10 were used by professional graphic designers for designing promo posters for the festival and were presented at the special exhibition.

Seventh exhibition of Skopje Poster in Istanbul

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Today (November 5th) at the Marmara University - Faculty of Arts and Design in Istanbul, Turkey will be openned the “Citizen 2020” poster exhibition, hosted by prof. Savas Cekic. Setting which will be on display till 5 december, 2014, will include the 50 poster finalists 6th  Skopje Poster Festival , which was held in MKC [...]

January 2014

Association for graphic designers Plakart conquered New York

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To the Big Apple audience PLAKART will present exhibition of the 50 posters finalists from the Skopje Poster competitions from 2008 to 2012. Association of Graphic Designers Plakart has its first exhibition in New York, but second in the USA, after the opening of the exhibition of Ecologic Poster competition from 2010, that was organized [...]