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ISPC exhibited at prestigious locations including  Museum of the City of Skopje, Warsaw Museum of Poster, The Czech Parliament, Marmara University… None of this would be achieved without the help of our partners.

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia
Patron of the International Student Poster Competition

…This manifestation is practically a prove that the art is indeed a mean of bringing the world together. Plakart‘s efforts from its establishment in 2007 have put a lot of energy in the development and promotion of the art and culture, especially in the progress of the distinctive arts as the design and multimedia are.

At last, I would like to wish all young artists never to accept the world the way it is, nor to leave it as it exists.

Mrs. Elizabeta Kancheska Milevska
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia


Wilanow Poster Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Co-organizer of the International Student Poster Competition

The oldest museum for poster in the world, was a huge challenge for Plakart to colaborate with. It was a pleasure to receive the very first mail from Mrs. Maria Kurpik – Director of this marvelous institution, in which she confirmed interest to work together.
And since than, as a part of the collaboration with Warsaw Poster Museum, Plakart has its own permanent part in the official program of the Warsaw Poster Bienalle. We were happy to be one of the few non-polish organization to exhibit in Warsaw, as a part of the Bienalle, back in 2010. Truly an honor!


City of Skopje
Partner of the International Student Poster Competition

The City of Skopje is proud and pleased to have the opportunity to support this youth initiative which brings the creativity of youth, as well individualism, healthy unspoiled intellectual honesty and critical thought in the perception of the states in society. This student project is important due to two facts. It strives to create better social opportunities for creative young designers and for their promotion worldwide and also articulates with the idea to use design as a mean to bring semiotic messages for a better future.

Mr. Koce Trajanovski
Mayor of City of Skopje. of Warsaw
Partner of the International Student Poster Competition.

It give me a great pleasure to accept the invitation given to the City of Warsaw to cooperate in the International Student Poster Competition, Skopje. The entire project is of great interest as it involves fine arts students from many countries. The Tolerance project fits perfectly within the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, in which the City of Warsaw is playing an active role. It is only through the promotion of intercultural dialogue and common learning that we can develop an open and a tolerant relationship between nationalities.
I would like to congratulate the organisers, PLAKART, for initiating this exhibition, as well as the City of Skopje for including the City of Warsaw in this initiative.

Mrs. Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz
President of City of Warsaw


Association of Graphic Designers  of Czech Republic

It all started from the beginning of Skopjeposter, from the first edition of the International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2008, “Tolerance – a global challenge” . We were sitting and drinking coffee with Karel Misek in one of Skopje downtown cafeteria, during the break from the jury selection in which he participated, and we decided that we have to try to work on the spreading of this students poster messages further than the Balkans. So since we signed a cooperation agreement with AUG in 2009, we did 2 postreview exhibitions in Prague, and several workshops on graphic design/social responsibility related topics. And we are planning some more project to work on. One of the results of our cooperation was the competition initiated by AUG, entitled “Migration to Europe – Can it work for development”.


Zurich University of the Arts

This was our first break-trough into the Western Europe. It ment a pioneer cooperation on academic level with an institution from Western Europe. At first it seemed to be hard to find a partner, but we were looking in the wrong place. And than we met Prof. Peter Veter, Head of Department of Design Specialization in Visual Communication. He immediately proposed cooperation. We concluded: 1. First we have to work on student experience exchange, 2. Than we have to work on joint projects and 3. To make a ISPC a bridge for students from Eastern and Western side of the ex “iron curtain”. And we had no doubts at that moment, Prof. Peter Veter had to be invited to the IV ISPC as a part of the jury. Today we can say it was a beginning of a long lasting friendship.

Warsaw International Poster Bienale, Poland

In my opinion, organizing an International Student Poster Competition by young people in this young country, is a great artistic event. At this challenging competition, a lot of interesting posters created by the students all over the world had been submitted. Posters that present different national approach to the topic. Many of them treated the problem of tolerance in general, but there has been a certain group of posters that threat the regional problems of intolerance.
I‘m looking forward to next years poster competition.

prof. Lech Majewski
Chairman of the Warsaw Poster Biennale at the Wilanow Poster Museum

Icograda member

InfoProject logo2InfoProject

When it comes to software and internet solutions we can always depend on the first IT company in Macedonia with a curriculum of more than 25 years of experience. InfoProject’s portfolio is enormous and it includes collaboration with most successful companies from Macedonia and abroad. We are honored to receive support from this company professionals, who are as well huge fans of poster art!