Join Our Mission To Bring Together Design Experts & Students !

Become Skopje Poster Ambassador

Great promotion and opportunities for YOU including exclusive workshops, mentoring, jury works and exhibition management.

students, ex students, educators, design/graphic design professionals

  • We are only student-related project through which YOU work with design experts and gain practical experience

  • We provide YOU with a chance to handle concepts

  • We are working hard to be YOUR access to career development opportunities ex. exclusive workshops, mentoring, jury member, exhibition organiser

Professional partnership with Skopje Poster

Extended int'l design exchange, worldwide targeted media coverage, collaboration with creative people all around the globe

professors, educators, gallery & museum managers, design events

  • Provide your students with international promotion, host Skopjeposter event / workshop / exhibition to your students and institution

  • Develop links with universities, experts, educators, high profile judging panels.

  • Inspire talented designers and be inspired, spark new concepts, ideas and opportunities of mutual collaboration

Design with Skopje Poster

We provide you the medium and its up to you if you use us. Good deed, good purpose, good starting point for you. Yes, we know your work values, hear us out...

design/graphic design students, ex students lets partner up. Why?

  • Give your Skopjeposter designs meaning & new life

  • Use your skopjeposter design to make t-shirts, gadgets, hats, re-do posters etc…The sky is the limit to your imagination!

  • Let us know, we will be glad to include them in the shop. So are you ready? Please contact us for more details!

For more information feel free to contact us!