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International Student Poster Competition is founded in 2007 as first worldwide student poster competition on social topics with NO FEE policy! It is initiated and organized by PLAKART – NGO for Graphic Design, Film & Multimedia from Macedonia in cooperation with Warsaw Poster Biennale and Czech Association of Graphic Designers. ISPC was initially organized in Skopje, Macedonia in June 2008, as the first important regional student poster competition that offers international promotion of ideas and visual communication, with strong accent on the global issues. Thus, in only couple of years of existence it gained its position of the most important in the South-Eastern Europe region.

About the organiser of ISPC

Plakart – NGO Association of Graphic Designers is nongovernmental organization based in Skopje, Macedonia. Within its 9 years of existence has been working with strong dedication to improve the artistic and social values of the culture and to promote new level of the culture achievements in Macedonia and the SEE region. We are working globally but in particular our focus mainly stays in Europe. The most successful product of Plakart portfolio is INTERNATIONAL STUDENT POSTER COMPETITION (ISPC) which became most respected student event in the region and wider.

Organizer of ISPC Skopje is PLAKART – Association of Graphic Designers from Macedonia, working globally with several international partners from Czech, Poland, Turkey and Italy.

In 2007, at the very beginning ISPC received the Auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia and the support from the City of Skopje, City of Warsaw, Parliament of Czech Republic. Posters were exhibited among others at the Czech Parliament – House of Deputies, Warsaw City Hall, Museum of Poster in Warsaw (worlds first poster museum) and National Theater in Zurich, and in 16 cities around the globe.

In 2011, PLAKART has co-organized the first edition of Skopje Design Week.

The International Student Poster Competition ISPC/Skopjeposter contributes for the roll of the culture and visual arts communication, promotes social responsibility through the design, as well exchange of ideas, networking, to make this student poster competition a worldwide promoter of solutions for global topics.
ISPC/Skopjeposter was the first regional student poster competition that offered international promotion of ideas and visual communication, with strong accent on the global social issues.
So far we have created new opportunities for students, promoted young professionals and rising stars, designers, visual artists in the region and Europe by simultaneously promotion of social poster design. Plakart and Skopjeposter hosted over 30 debates, seminars, conferences, workshops and exhibitions at academies, galleries, governmental institutions both in Macedonia and abroad.




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