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Finalist of the “Include, Not Exclude” European Student Competition

We introduce you the list of authors of the 50 finalist posters from European Poster Competition "Include, Not Exclude" that were chosen by the international jury, taking part also in the 12. Skopje Poster [...]

By |June 25, 2019|Categories: 2019, Activities, Competition, Exhibition, Festival, Jury, Skopjeposter, Winners|0 Comments

Celebration of Winners of the European poster competition “Inclusion, Not Exclusion” with Humanitarian Creative Event

Skopje Poster Festival, in the realization of its mission, has planned to act in the field of raising social awareness for global challenges. Тhis year the challenge is entitled "Inclusion, Not Exclusion". Plakart - [...]

By |June 11, 2019|Categories: Activities, Competition, Exhibition, Festival, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

Poster Competition “Include, Not Exclude” – 21. Century Challenge

  Social inclusion is the process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society – improving the ability, opportunity and dignity of those disadvantaged on economic and social basis. [...]

By |March 4, 2019|Categories: 2019, Activities, Competition, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

11. SKP*F Revealing The New Decade Under The Motto „Power Of Poster”

New decade, new challenges, NEW ERA!!! Aloneside all issues and institutional ignorance, Plakart – Associacion of Graphic Designer from Macedonia and Council of Skopje Poster Festival decided not to finish its vigorous life, but on [...]

By |November 26, 2018|Categories: 2018, Activities, Exhibition, Festival, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

International Poster Competition “SMILE Everywhere 4 everyone“ by Red Cross And Plakart

City Red Cross of Skopje, supported by the association of graphic designers „Plakart“ and City of Skopje as a party of the project “Red Cross school clubs for education and prevention” supported by City of Skopje, [...]

By |April 4, 2018|Categories: 2018, Activities, Competition, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

Jubilee 10. Skopje Poster Festival Came To Its End

The closing of the recent exhibitions from Skopje Poster Festival at the Museum of the City of Skopje completed the 10th jubilee edition of this urban graphic design cultural project. The festival, which was held [...]

By |January 5, 2018|Categories: 2017, Activities, Festival, Skopjeposter, Winners|0 Comments