ISPC most important in the SEEurope region

It has been a great experience for us – organisers and partners and we are sure you students feel the same way.  You did marvelous job creating more than 15.000 posters in the past 9 years of Skopje Poster Competition. We definitely moved some borders, we revealed taboos, we created long-lasting products that will stay to inspire, to be thought-provoking and to maybe provide arguments for constituting a movement.

Together we’ll raise ideals further & wider!

NO FEE policy(no post expenses or admission fees&we cover printing costs of the applications). We’ve created opportunities for students, promoted young professionals and rising stars, designers, visual artists in the region and Europe by simultaneously promotion of social poster design. Plakart&Skopjeposter hosted over 50 debates, conferences, workshops and exhibitions at academies, galleries, governmental institutions both in Macedonia and abroad.

Our motto!

“To create and indulge in the infinite world of the things that will make you our future slaves. Constants addicts to our ideas… To see and touch and feel and dream of in your wildest dreams. It’s what we do – dreams that come true!”