Project Description

Poster exhibition “Republic of Macedonia as Travel Destination”

Project description

Dates:   15-29 March 2017

Location: Museum of City Of Skopje

Poster-exhibition entitled “Republic of Macedonia as travel destination”, organised by Plakart, Museum of City of Skopje and Embassy of Republic of Poland to Repbulic of Macedonia, was opened for visitors on Monday evening.

Jury: Laze Tripkov – Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia; Tomislav Mikulcic – Director of the Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia; Lasko Dzurovski – designer, typographer, owner of Totem – a design studio, Macedonia; Ryszard Kaja – illustrator, poster designer, Poland; Jacek Multanowski – Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Macedonia.

Jury had undergone with selection from 123 posters from 7 faculties on visual communications and design-related departments from Macedonia.

50 posters were selected to take part in the final exhibition that vernissage took place on Monday evening in Museum of City of Skopje. Along the main exhibition 20 children drawings from the workshop mentored by Polish graphic designer and illustrator Ryszard Kaja during the 9. Skopje Poster Festival in November 2016 are showcased.

More about the competition and winners: Promotional posters of Repbulic of Macedonia