5. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2012
14 – 28 December 2012
Youth Cultural Center


PLAKART in partnership with Youth Cultural Centre announces the Fifth International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2012.The project was supported by Ministry of Culture and Skopje City as well as traditionally by the Warsaw Poster Biennale and several external associates – professors from Europe, Israel and Turkey.

The issue

The objective of this competition is concerned by the world situation and the “value” of the money. They become very important for the recovery from the global financial crisis… They are important due to the persistent risks to high unemployment, debts… economic dependence of oil, stocks, food prices getting higher, millions of people in Africa, Asia, and some parts of Europe are in urgent need of assistance as a result of devastating money debt conflict. Can the money be for free? Can the money be for everyone? Can the money have the same values…. Any where? Everywhere?


The goal of this poster competition is to create and promote concept of “Money for free”. Communicate, ironies, encourage people, both in and outside the design and cultural community, to the movement of “ free money for everybody”. Since the people across the world suffer from this problem, try to create and provoke an attention that will grow in to international movement, campaign. explain/complain/create and achieve higher standards of visual communication and visualize your thinking.

Targeting young talents

We invited graphic design and visual arts students from all over the world to make a poster contribution, to this topic.”Money for Free” will strive for a cultural development of the young people and their social and cultural independence. One of the aspects of this situation is the lack of possibilities for self-actualization, namely achieving their aspiration and life ambitions. The organizer of this competition will continue promoting young artist and their posters around the globe, creating traveling exhibitions in Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Israel…

This project continues to represents a base of cultural interchange, having made new friendships, realizing the importance of worlds financial stability as its major goals. Through the defining of the ideas young creative minds should understand its value and realize the common advantages that this concept offers, building a solid grounds for further promotion of Money problems on global grounds.

Winners & Honorable

1.835 posters from 33 countries.

Nastasia Kotava – Belarus
Igor Piwowarczuk – Poland
Milad Aghazadeh – Iran

Honorable mentions:

Marija Dimitrievska – Macedonia
Saleh Zanganeh – Iran
Ivan Tanus – Mexico
Veronica Nesteruk – Belarus
Mario Estevez – Mexico
Elias Reidmann – Austria

Jury members


Ondrej Misek
-Lecturer, Academia Italiana, Bangkok, Thailand
Lech Majewski
Thierry Sarfis

Final Selection

prof. Serge Serov
-ВАШГД-Academy of Graphic Design, Russia
Rene Wanner
Slavimir Stojanović