9. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2016

Deadline: 30 October, 2016 (CET 00:00h)
Exhibition opening: 20 November, 2016
Museum of City of Skopje

Terms of participation

Terms of participation

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PLAKART in partnership with Museum of City of Skopje announce the competition of 9. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2016. The project is carried out with support by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, Warsaw Poster Biennale, AUG Design from Czech Republic and several external associates from Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, USA, Russia.

The issue

Identity crisis: a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society.

The issue of this year festival is “Identity in Crisis” is not accidental. Today we face global issues like ethnical, cultural, religious, age and sex identification and separation. The identity issues are brought into new light.

Today more and more questions regarding the identity cause emotions of frustration, threat. Unfortunately, this term is being related to political events and as such it is simplified into an issue of ethnical identity grounds. Is the faster growth of the technology, the artificial intelligence, movies with mutants are improving identification rights or will create confusion?!

The world, but also particular continents, regions and countries, including Macedonia and the Balkan region, are concerned by identity crisis issues. Cross way of the West and the East, the North and the South, culturally, nationally, ethnically, the issue of the identity is deeply engraved in the genetic heritage of the nations and countries. It is why young designers from all over the world should be provoked to join and work on this issue and to speak-up in raising awareness of the wider public and all concerned parties.

Our responsibility as designers is to state our point of view and to send powerful message!!!

The objective

The identity is something we can not and should not understand as straight, one-meaning issue. Identity is defined by many aspects, but only few of them are fundamental – race, sex and class identification. Further there are ethnical, religious identification, age and the most wider is the cultural identification category.

In cultural context the identity is cross-like structured: where two identifications are crossing vertically and horizontally. The vertical is represent of the tradition and the past, and the horizontal represents our era – our present reality. Neither vertical, nor horizontal leg can individually define the identity, only combined together may reveal the issue of the identity.

Although there are different definitions, theories and standpoints of this question, it is common understanding that the identity is one, unique, indivisible and complex in its nature and as such it should not be divided in groups or subgroups. It is what makes us individual and diverse.


We invite all students on BA, MA and PhD studies of fine arts, design, visual arts, to enter the 9th International Student Poster Competition till 30 October, 2016 (CET 00:00 hours).

This year the Council of International Student Poster Competition decided to put accent on the issue of the crisis of the “Identity”. We invite students to do their creative work, make buzz and create messages that will inspire many, to engage maybe few but to contribute to raising the awareness.


“Who am I, where do I come from, what is the simplest way to self-discovery”, those are difficult questions to determine ourselves, to understand our personal identity – which seems to be one of the fundamental human needs. The easiest way to discover ourselves is to see our reflection into others. The goal of this festival is to celebrate diversity on all mentioned questions – that provides us a chance for epic research on this timeless issue disclosure. Is the identity crisis inseparable part of self-discovery or is it imposed on the cross ways of our life? This is maybe a question that has no rational answer, but surely it will propose different interpretations or even further – countless determinations of the Other!

We encourage people, both in and outside the design and cultural community, to join this movement! Try to create and provoke an attention that will grow in to international movement, campaign. Explain/complain/create and achieve higher standards of visual communication and visualize your thinking.

As designers we are obligated to act toward solving problems or pointing out solutions. Therefor we are going to create and provoke an global action, first by inviting students to participate for the competition, then by inviting the professional designers and by several social campaign actions to raise awareness.

Encouraging young talents

The organizer of this competition will continue promoting young artist and their posters around the globe, creating traveling exhibitions in Europe and Asia. One of the goals of this project is to merge the students from world academies and Europe in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Identity in Crisis” represents a base of cultural interchange, having made new friendships, realizing the importance of tolerance as its major goals. Through the defining of the ideas based on tolerance the young spirit should understand its value and realize the common advantages that this concept offers, building a solid grounds for further promotion of tolerance on global grounds.


Two poster winners will be awarded with equal prizes
1. Participation in jury work 2017 at the 10. Skopje Poster Festival (fully covered expenses)
2. Organization of poster exhibition in Museum of City of Skopje during SPF 2017
3. ICOGRADA Certificate


Download >Brief of 9. ISPC<

Jury members

Finn Nygaard | Danmark |

Fons Hickmann | Germany |

Michel Bouvet | France |

Ryszard Kaja | Poland |

Toni Vasikj | Macedonia |

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Winners & Honorable


Miguel Angel Rangel / Mexico

Reka Nemedi Varga / Hungary

Special jury mentions

Shujun Liu / China

Dikle Jildirim / Turkey

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Honorary mentions

Junyi & Zejun Shan & Wang / USA

Kylie Dimick / USA

Lazar Mitrović / Serbia

Inês Filipa da Costa Pimenta Cardoso / Portugal

Nicola Murphy / United Kingdom

Karol Szczepankiewicz / Poland