6. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2013
18 October – 20 November 2013
Youth Cultural Center


PLAKART in partnership with Youth Cultural Centre announces the Sixth International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2013.The project was supported by Ministry of Culture and Skopje City as well as traditionally by international partners and associates.

The issue

This poster competition considers is it possible to establish a vision and way of thinking for the citizen of 2020, and if it is, then, what (exactly) is expected?
It is to represent a vision of a young person/student/ looking towards his future, to imagine a world fulfilling the expectations or not!? We also ought to face the existence of a riddle related to the thing, which metaphorically, we will designate as the home of the design way of thinking. This approach will propose a step forward for the international students to imagine themselves as a citizen of the world in 2020 in Europe, Africa, Latin America, South America, Asia, China…


The development and popularization of the citizen in 2020 is the focal elements of this project, which is going to be reached through discovering and establishing the personal values by completing the self-image through the image of others.

Young people need a chance to express their thoughts, their potentials and capabilities, as well as a place where they can provide common values. This project will help them combine this with the concept of the citizen in 2020 and support their wish to spread the ideas and expectations.

Focus questions

This topic can be described in different manner, which gives various options of interpretations, having on mind the problems and prospects facing us on the way to our future:
• Will the people become more aware of their rights, and fulfill their dream of identity, placing the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing a citizenship rights
• Right to free movement, especially on strengthening cohesion based on people’s mutual understanding
• Health issues and development of medicine
• Creating an area of freedom, security and justice.
• Protection of rights both in homeland and abroad and online protection of data
• Is the 2020 matrix a reality?
• Do we wear pink glasses, or yellow, red…?

One of our main goals is not to search for the ultimate “truth”, but to organize relationship between students of graphic design from East and West Europe, students from Middle East, Asia and America. Everyone can be creator of this relations and platform beyond political, cultural and religious borders. It is our role to erase walls, to eliminate limitations and to provide our vision for the 2020.

Winners & Honorable


Ahmad Derakhshandeh – Iran
Maja Stojanovic – Bosnia&Hercegovina
Anna Gizella Varga – Hungary

Honorary mentions

Toni Dzurovski – Macedonia
Yumi Kim – South Korea
Jacob Colosi – Canada
Guna Bierande – Turkey
Fatih Yapar – Turkey
Sena Sengir – Turkey
Taras Makar – Ukraine
Holly Nelson – USA

Jury members

Mirko Ilić
-Bosnia and Herzegovina/USA
François Caspar
-French Design Association, France
Nebojsa Gelevski
-Koma Design, Macedonia