New decade, new challenges, NEW ERA!!!

Aloneside all issues and institutional ignorance, Plakart – Associacion of Graphic Designer from Macedonia and Council of Skopje Poster Festival decided not to finish its vigorous life, but on the contrary to continue creating even better and more inspirational future for the one and only poster festival on the Balkans dedicated to young deisgners!!!

The Festival, which promotion of the poster as great and more lively media than ever before, will consequently continue to be advocate of the quality – social and non-commercial posters. Which is precise the reason why Council of Skopje Poster Festival has choosen the issue of this year main exhibition to be “Power Of Poster”.

This year unique festival’s program, significantly revised and accomodated to the circumstances that Plakart and the Festival struggled with institutionally and financially, was focused on all poster artists that have had a huge impact on Skopje Poster, and to be quite accurate as well vice-versa. Authors of the winning prizes, honorable mentiones from last 10 years of SKP*F were invited to create poster on the 11. SKP*F leading topic “Power Of Poster”.

Four more festival exhibitions and 200+ posters will be showcased: 1) 100×10 – 100 best posters from 10 years, 2) Works from the Special Guest Star Slavimir Stojanović Futro, 3) Posters from the poster – call as reaction to polution in Macedonia entitled #SMOGJE and 4) Posters from yourng designers from Hungary.

The official opening of the 11. Skopje Poster Festival is scheduled for Monday, 26. November 2018 at Multimedia Center >Mala Stanica< in Skopje at 19.00 UTC+1.

Next day, 27. November 2018 at ArtCafé-Bookstore >< at 19.30 h. is reserved for the promotion of the Illustrated Stories “DEVET” – a new book by Slavimir Stojanović Futro.

11. Skopje Poster Festival will be opened for visitors until 6 December 2018.

Join us on another decade full of design experiences full of emotions, inspiration and creative force!!!

Skopje Poster

Skopje Poster

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