October 2015

Jury members of 8th ISPC Skopjeposter

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Jury members of the 8th International Student Poster Competition 'Skopjeposter' will consist of well know and recognized designers. This year we try to join members specialized in typography, poster design and illustration. They will hold workshops and their works will be showcased within a special jury members exhibition.  We present to you the big 5 [...]

December 2014

Successfull end of 2014: Opening huge retrospective exhibition in Warsaw!

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“Month of the poster” in Skopje officially is ending with the closing exhibition of the 7th Skopje Poster Festival titled "Design for Peace". But the Association of graphic designers PLAKART has continued with its activities of the promotion of the anniversary traveling exhibition "50 FINALIST | 2008-2012" in Warsaw, Poland. The poster exhibition was opened [...]

Winners of 7th Skopje Poster Festival |Design for peace|

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Ferhat Tunc-Turkey, Aslihan Tatligil-Turkey and Johanna Pedarnig-Germany are the winners of this year Skopje Poster / International Student Poster Competition on entitled ‘Design for Peace’. Those three authors will be awarded with organisation of theirs exhibition and taking part of the jury selection in the next year 8th Skopje Poster! They also are recognized with [...]

November 2014

Seventh exhibition of Skopje Poster in Istanbul

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Today (November 5th) at the Marmara University - Faculty of Arts and Design in Istanbul, Turkey will be openned the “Citizen 2020” poster exhibition, hosted by prof. Savas Cekic. Setting which will be on display till 5 december, 2014, will include the 50 poster finalists 6th  Skopje Poster Festival , which was held in MKC [...]