October is considered in the graphic design circles as beginning month of the new season of graphic design competitions. The poster as a medium that is most impressive for the public is considerable part of the world graphic design projects. Plakart, Association of Graphic Designers from Macedonia and Skopje Poster Festival are regularly part of most prestigious graphic design biennials in the world, like the one that happens to be on the beginning of the new season.

Skopjeposter 8 ispc posters at 12 golden bee 212. Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee” took place from 04 until 09 October in Moscow, Russia. Guests of this prestigious project were Erik Brandt, Stephan Bundi, Keizo Matsui, Philip Tretyakov and other eminent graphic designers. This year biennale has offered 50 different activities – exhibitions, lectures and presentations which presented most awarded works that marked the past year, posters from Russian poster school, poster from social projects, typography works…
Top 10 posters from the last Skopjeposter competition were showcased as part of the official program within non-competition exhibition. Works from Anke Klein from Macedonia, Kaja Kleśta, Piotr Depta,  Anna Jaszczuk, Dagmara Wrona from Poland, Bo Yang from China, Farzad Saeedi from Iran, Amir Mills and Flavia Martins from Portugal were enrichment to the exhibition program of the 12. “Golden Bee” Biennale.

Students messages about the needs of disabled people included in the 10 top finalist posters from 8. Skopjeposter International Student Poster Competition reached Moscow this October but in the last 6 months also traveled to Bulgaria (One Design Week) and Serbia (SUND Festival).

8. ISPC „Enabled for Disabled” finalist posters exhibition is scheduled to travel to other countries as well. Details will be provided soon!

More info about the 12. “Golden Bee” Biennale of Graphic Design: http://2016.goldenbee.org/

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