October 2011

At last, starting from 2011 we have decided to join our forces within Skopje Design Week. It is was both challenge and pleasure to work on this still young, but promising project. We remain Skopjeposter, and our International Student Poster Competition is still the same, but we have divided our organizational activities within Skopje Design Week. This was crucial if we want to concentrate on development of our initiative. And having that on mind, we want to underline that you, students, are most important for us. That’s why beginning from 2012, as a anniversary 5th ISPC, we start one of a kind promotion program. We will reward you every single year. This year we decided to use our money to invite authors of the best graphic designs, related to our competition topic, to come to Skopje. It means full coverage for the flight expenses and accommodation in the capitol of Macedonia, during the ISPC activities. Because we want to inspire you, because we want to motivate you to change the world, because we do this for you!