To the Big Apple audience PLAKART will present exhibition of the 50 posters finalists from the Skopje Poster competitions from 2008 to 2012.

1Association of Graphic Designers Plakart has its first exhibition in New York, but second in the USA, after the opening of the exhibition of Ecologic Poster competition from 2010, that was organized by prof. Cedomir Kostovic at the Missouri State University.

The posters  that will be exhibited at the MC Gallery will include works from the student participants and finalists from the first five competitions: “Tolerance”, “Power vs poverty”, “Ecologic”, “HIV / AIDS” and “Money for free”. From a total of 10.000 submitted posters, the 50 finalist posters were selected by members of the international jury, including 15 prize winning posters with the highest recognition, and the remaining 35 were selected as honorary mentions. Authors are student designers coming from Israel, Poland, Iran, China, Turkey, Belarus, Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, France, and of course from Macedonia.

The exhibition is an initiative that came naturally after 5 years of Skopjeposter as urban design project with an international character. After Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw, New York City is the right place to once again mark the 5 year story of Skopje Poster festival.“- said Laze Tripkov of Plakart.

“50 finalist Skopje Poster” the next period will be on showcased in Minsk,  Dubai, and Prague.

The exhibition will be open at the Gallery MC today, January 24, at 20 pm, and visitors will have the opportunity to visit till 30th January.



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