Skopje for the past 5 days has been host of designers from the region in a “mission” of exchanging experience with macedonian creative people.

Plakart has put a lot of effort to creating possibilities for exchange of experience and promotion of the macedonian designers. This festival is yet another event that proves top Plakart’s priorities.

“Being responsible for this year festival program I was dedicated to include projects and activities from most creative industries – product, industrial, graphic and fashion design. It is obvious that our city needs this kind of creative art projects” – said Laze Tripkov, Program Director of the festival and Chairman of Plakart.

Skopje Kreativa is festival that exists for 4 years, but starting this year Plakart’s goal was to position it on the regional map of the creative platforms. This was achieved by inviting regional representatives from creative industries and by initiating collaboration with important projects from the Balkan Peninsula and Europe.  One of the most famous talents of children illustrative books Jan Bajtlik from Poland, how’s career kicked-off from the distinguished achievements at Skopjeposter International Student Poster Competition, has mentored a workshop  for kids that were drawing posters for 8. Skopjeposter competition “Enabled For Disabled” and Izabela Rutkowska that works on the projects regarding public space interventions are only a little part of what this year festival had to offer. Marko Miladinovic from Armada Studio – Slovenia, with a portfolio that includes work for such brands as JAT or Jack Daniels has had a very inspirational presentation on ‘Branding and its role’ and Borut Vild, professor of visual communication and organizer of many design projects did a presentation on social design and its influence on raising awareness.

Tripkov has underlined that several innovations has been implemented – “We provided fresh concept to this festival – huge Pop-Up Store, interactive workshops for children, we have shown exhibitions never before showcased in Macedonia and we have initiated link between educational institutions and business sector”.

The festival program included activities in which targeted faculties and academies that are specialized in creative studies were invited to take part, but also social-responsible Pakomak and OHO Production has presented their portfolios and had chance to interact with workshop participants.

Plakart is dedicated to projects that offer higher level of fresh creative energy, but also give opportunity to designers and creative people. Undoubtedly, Skopje Poster Festival, Plakart’s main project is devoted to promotion of the creative people – not only from Macedonia.

“We are glad we note collaboration development with Macedonian designers” – stated the Chairman of Plakart.

Workshops of Lasko Dzurovski on typography dedicated to City of Skopje and Marija Veteroska on visual shaping of cards and a map of impressive buildings from Debar Maalo settlement were highly attractive to design community. Unique designs of Kostadin Tancev Dinka which he has created from 1960 to 1990 were part of the exhibition that could be announced one of the most important macedonian design happenings.

Additionally the Festival Of Creative Industries included several presentations on PR and marketing. Slobodan Jovanovic has presented Packtivity project for design awards from Serbia and – the most popular website for creative projects and artists. Dragan Varagic made very useful presentation on social media management and engagement for young creative people and designers. McCann Skopje worked with young raising designers at the workshop on making impressive portfolio. The debate for digital art and marketing in which Ira Stefanov Babic from Brand Union, Igor Vecovski and Ruse Arsov from MKC took part was aiming at the growing popularity of digital art and possibilities to its promotion.

Lasty, this year Skopje Kreativa Festival was wrapped-up by great music program, inspirational workshops for children, multimedia projections, cool Pop-Up Store, super-attractive exhibitions like YUS – consisting of ex-Jugoslavian designs and brands.

Photo gallery from the festival:

Skopje Kreativa Festival 2015

Skopje Poster

Skopje Poster

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