Students from design and visual communications schools from all around the globe were invited to participates for 8 time to create posters regarding global issue. The results are 2674 posters received from 1869 participants.

This year topic of the 8. International Student Poster Competition at which students from New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Guatemala City, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul and many more was “Enabled for Disabled”.

This is 8 year of Skopjeposter competition and Skopje Poster Festival to provide a chance to young designers to show their talent trough strong visual messages of what seems to consider global issues. This year we received 2674 posters that address, promote and underline the needs and the problems that people in disability face every day. Competition lasted for 6 months and 1869 students coming from 52 countries from each continent applied, which we consider a step forward.

Jury members – Paula Troxler (Switzerland), Lasko Dzurovski (Macedonia), Götz Gramlich (Germany), Péter Pócs (Hungary), Peter Bankov(Russia) – will have tough job to go through the selections. Winners will be announced at the opening of the exhibition of the 8. Skopje Poster Festival and officially presented on the following day, December 01st 2015.

As part of 8. Skopje Poster Festival jury members are scheduled for Lectures of issues relating to social design, political and cultural poster and commercial projects.

Starting this year we are launching new venue that will come as standard in the festival program ‘Jury-members special selection posters exhibition’. Firstly we head-off with the opening and soon afterwards we start the deserved after-party at MKC Club/Restaurant.

Full program is available here: 8. SPF program

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Skopje Poster

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