“There is nothing more beautiful than differences”, “They listen, see, talk, but we don’t understand them”…these are part of the messages from yesterday evening opening of the 8. Skopje Poster Festival in the Gallery of MKC (Youth Cultural Centre) under the motto “Enabled For Disabled”.

This year competition was dominated by polish graphic design students. The jury members Peter Pocs (President) – Hungary, Gotz Gramlich – Germany, Paula Troxler – Switzerland, Peter Bankov – Russia, Lasko Dzurovski – Macedonia has announced that winner of 8. Skopjepsoter ISPC is Kaja Klesta from Poland, as a two equal main award winner for two different posters. It is probably a precedence in a history of graphic design competitions, but jury members decided as the judging is anonymously and there is selection of posters, not participants, that Kaja’s posters got to the podium deservedly. Piotr Depta is holder of the Icograda recognized certificate issued by Plakart, the organizer of Skopje Poster competition.

Honorary mentions are as follows: Bo Yang, China, Anna Jaszczuk Poland, Farzad Saeedi Iran, Dagmara Wrona from Poland, Anke Klein Macedonia, Amir Mills and Flavia Martins from Portugal.

“We chose this issue in order students to inspire with thoughts and statements regarding people with disabilities. Why only students? Its simple, only students ideas are always straightforward and clear communicates, and what is most important they are never influenced by external factors or with communication that directly contains some kind of promotion activities. With this competition theme we are trying to break down the barriers and to put focus on the problems that people with disabilities face every day not only in Macedonia, but also around the world” stated Laze Tripkov, Chairman of Plakart, organizers of the festival, at the official opening.

The President of the jury, Peter Pocs has announced the winners and took the floor to put emphasis on the precedence that jury faced choosing the posters that afterwards became clear were two posters from the same author. This made Kaja Klesta one of a kind in the history of the competitions worldwide.

Its also first time 5 Macedonian students are a finalist, which mieans Plakart is providing possibilities to their promotion and personal developement.

Workshops are scheduled for the second day od 8. Skopje Poster Festival. Paula Troxler ‘Developing Design Ideas’, Lasko Dzurovski ‘Macedonian Cyrillic – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, Gotz Gramlich ‘gggrafik – Commercial, Cultural and Social Design Projects’, Peter Pocs ‘Posters and Ideas’ and Peter Bankov ‘Russian Design’.

In the evening jury-members special poster selection exhibition was opened at the MKC club and it will be available for visits until December 05th.


Kaja Klesta

Kaja Kleśta / Poland

Kaja Klesta

Kaja Kleśta / Poland

Piotr Depta

Special Plakart & Icograda Exellence award:

Piotr Depta / Poland


Honorary Mentions

Bo Yang

Bo Yang / China

Farzad Saeedi

Farzad Saeedi / Iran

Anna Jaszczuk

Anna Jaszczuk / Poland

Flávia Martins

Flávia Martins / Portugal

Dagmara Wrona

Dagmara Wrona / Poland

Anke Klein

Anke Klein / Macedonia

Amir Mills

Amir Mills


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