Ninth edition of Skopje Poster Festival is ahead of us. From 21 until 30 November 2016 Museum of City of Skopje will be the venue location for the Festival – full of design workshops, exhibitions and presentations.

The program of the 9. Skopje Poster Festival will be a great chance to widen the horizons of the students of graphic design, visual communications, but also will attract professional designers and the poster fans.

Michel Bouvet (France), Fons Hickmann (Germany), Finn Nygaard (Denmark), Ryszard Kaja (Poland) and Toni Vasik (Macedonia) are part of this year jury of the International Student Poster Competition “Identity In Crisis”. This great designers will held presentation and workshops regarding designing jazz poster, social poster and promotional posters for Macedonia as travel destination.

„We strive to have different profile of design experts, this year isn’t exception…We have illustrators, typographers, calligraphy and poster masters”, Plakart officials stated.




Applications from students of graphic design and visual communication were submitted at the 9. International Student Poster Competition. This year issue has attracted huge interest. Organizers has explained that the reason of choosing this topic was dictated by the need to fight against the ethnic, cultural, religious, age and sex discrimination which in result caused serious change of interpretation of the identity.

„Our competition receive increased interest which is noticeable trough the number of submission – 32% more than last year. We very happy with the fact that more academies are incorporating our competition into their educational programs” – added Plakart representatives.

Winners of „Identity In Crisis” are scheduled to be announced at the opening of 9. Skopje Poster Festival – 21th November at 20h local time. At the opening few exhibitions will be presented to the public: Finalist posters from 9. International Student Poster Competition “Identity in Crisis”, works from the winners of 8. ISPC “Enabled for Disabled”, posters from workshops designed for 9. SPF and special selection of posters from this year jury members.

Registration for the presentations and workshops are opened:

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