Polish Poster School exhibition was officially opened yesterday at Museum of City of Skopje is relating to the role of the polish poster and mastership of polish poster authors.

It is an exhibition project that includes works from 1950s until today which are part of the archives of the Poster Museum in Warsaw. Impressive works from Tomaszewski, Lenica, Młodożeniec, Świeży, Starowiejski, Wasilewski, Majewski, but also works from the new wave of polish poster authors like Kajzer, Kaja, Czerniakowska, Bajtlik… This exhibition includes works of Laze Tripkov as a Macedonian representative of the Polish Poster School – Laze has fulfilled his MA studies at Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw lead by professor Lech Majewski.

At the yesterdays exhibition the Ambassador of Republic of Poland Jacek Multanowski, Director of the Museum of the City of Skopje Ljuben Tevdovski, along with Laze Tripkov announced several joint projects that will be promoted very soon: “Poster for touristic promotion of the Republic of Macedonia” and Museum of City of Skopje – Annual Poster Award. Prizes for the winners of this competitions include several study travels to Warsaw and collaboration as part of Skopje Poster Festival activities.

“I am very thankful for the support we receive from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and Museum of City of Skopje in the mission to promote the poster as artistic medium and as such to have impact on our cultural life. This is Plakart’s goal from the same beginning.” – stated Laze Tripkov at the opening.

1899 is the year which is believed to be the beginning of the polish poster art era. Its characteristics were its restless-like plastic form, nostalgic atmosphere; it was used to present artistic commentary on reality. As a street medium it was treating important issues and was considered medium for reaching of higher intellectual goals. Full of allusions, unfinished thoughts, as a grotesque, but also funny, it was a Poles companion in the most difficult moments. Henryk Tomaszewski and Eric Lipiński, students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, has brought the polish poster to new level of worlds recognition. 50s and 60s of the past century is a renaissance period of the polish poster. Henryk and Eric were fighting the trashy film poster design, they will promote original approach of designing, including theatre, circus and social poster.  In the next decades representatives of the Polish Poster School will “force” humanistic and social poster, that will concentrate on the spectator and the work will be considered only as a pleasant medium.

The exhibition is opened for public until 26th of April and it will be further presented in the several cities across Republic of Macedonia.

Lastly, Laze’s lecture “Polish Poster School” for students of visual communications and graphic design is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 20th of April.

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