Another set of presentations from Skopje Kreativa Festival 2015.

This time we have inspirational cases of the Studio Armada founder Marko Miladinović from Slovenia, creative genius Slobodan Jovanović from Coba & Associates from Serbia and top-notch polish public space intervention artist Izabela Rutkowska.


Marko Miladinović

Skopje Kreativa 2015 Marko Miladinovic

Skopje Kreativa 2015 Marko Miladinovic

Marko is leader of the creative design studio specialized in branding Armada. It possesses a sizeable portfolio of successful identities and brandings, as well as concepts and business development strategies, for example for the Johnnie Walker brand. They work with clients that exclusively acknowledge originality of ideas and appreciate quality design as a vital segment in establishing a brand on the market. At the festival, studio Armada participated through an exhibition JUS of ex-Yugoslavian iconic products and brands, as well as a workshop. Marko has sent us the powerful presentation on Armada achievements that he presented at Skopje Kreativa ’15.

Presentation –> Marko Miladinović / Armada


Slobodan Jovanović

Skopje Kreativa 2015 Slobodan Jovanovic

Skopje Kreativa 2015 Slobodan Jovanovic

Slobodan Jovanović and his design and branding agency Coba & Associates are infinitely inspiring story. He finishes his studies at renowned Firenze Academy of Fine Arts, returns to Serbia during the armed conflicts on the Balkans and starts to seek his place for creative expression. Slobodan has divided his passion in two different paths. One is design and the other is music. And until today he has created both great music sets and fantastic brand identities. Additionally Coba is founder of the webportal which is one of the most popular internet sites on the Balkans specialized in design.

Link to the presentation –> Slobodan Jovanović


Izabela Rutkowska

Skopje Kreativa 2015 Izabela Rutkowska

Iza is a whole different level that the those guys above mentioned. She establish her foundation “Forms and shapes” that achieves great interaction between the public space and participants of the specific event.

Izabela makes impossible to look easy achievable. Her projects with the huge hedgehog in the socially challenged communities and with the big stuffed bear that travelled all over Europe and made stops in the most crowded and popular places are simply beautiful. The results of those and many other actions are presented in those few dozen slides that Rutkowska has agreed to show to our readers and fans so we could all enjoy them.

Check it out –> Izabela Rutkowska