The 8. Edition of International Student Poster Competition |Skopjeposter| has been announced. Young design talents have opportunity to work on posters with messages on issue “Enabled for Disabled”.

Plakart, the organiser, states that “the main objective of this competition is creating and promoting better opportunities for people with disabilities”. The motto “Enabled for Disabled” needs to point out that and promote equal chances and rights for everybody. Designers obligation is to fight discrimination and inequality and ensure that people who have disabilities are regarded as equal members of society. One of the priorities is to promote a positive message about all aspects of disability – long-term illness, mobility problems, learning disability, disfigurement and everything in between.

It is no doubt that the idea/issue of dependency has been used to socially construct, or perhaps, more accurately, socially reconstruct the problem of disability, along with a whole range of other social problems which have been reconstructed in similar ways in many capitalist countries.

To improve living condition of people with special needs, identify and propose options to overcome barriers, fight taboos and enable for open society after all is the main objective of 8. ISPC “Enabled for Disabled”.

Deadline of this competition is 20 November 2015 and the international jury consisting renowned designers will be announced very soon. Two winners will be awarded with identical prizes: Participation in jury work 2016 at the 9th Skopje Poster Festival (fully covered expenses), organization of poster exhibition in MKC Gallery in 2016 and ICOGRADA Certificate.

This year competitions promo design is work of the designer Borut Vild.

See the Brief and more details on the “Enabled for Disabled” competition:
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