We at Plakart would like to thank you for your support and love you showed us this year.

We tried our best to bring to you the best quality events and happenings. Firstly, we introduced you with Skopje Kreativa Festival, afterwards Skopje Poster Festival was on and we ended this year with Conference of Creative Hubs.

Last year we did faced some precedences, like domination of Kaja Kleśta on the 8. Skopjeposter student competition. We also presented some suprice, like the concert of Kanda Kodja and Nebojsa. We received some inspiring outcomes – the great feedback and interest to develop the idea of creative hubs even further. Additionally posters of talented students from Skopjeposter competitions traveled to Poland, Montenegro, Serbia.

Our team will try hard to surprise you and to provide best possible experience in the year ahead. Right after we enter the 2016 we will introduce a new project for creative people that will acknowledge their hard work. On this journey we will ask you to support us!

In 2016 we wish for you impeccable health, to reach new, big goals and to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams.

Have a great New Year!

Skopje Poster

Skopje Poster

I am Skopjeposter and I am here to provide you with all needed informations. Please contact me in any matter!
Skopje Poster