Red Cross of the City of Skopje in collaboration with Plakart – Association of Graphic Designers and with support of Transmet- Skopje announce competition on the issue “Donate blood, youth, humanity”… Voluntary donations of a blood presents expression of  high ethical, humanitarian and moral values. To donate a blood and to rescue a life is a a noble act.

In order to improve further the awareness of meaning and value of blood donations on the territory of the City of Skopje, Red Cross – Skopje is actively promoting this issue through many activities, public campaigns, blood donation venues, but also by distributing promo materials, motivational events and via TV and radio partnerships. As part of Red Cross – Skopje the Club of the Young Blood Donators is motivating the youth to join our mission.

Considering the need of continued motivation and promotion aimed to the young population Red Cross has decided to announce competition on visual communication solution on the following topic “Donate blood, youth, humanity”. The competition is opened from 1st of March until 15th of April 2016.

This competition is dedicated to the students of faculties, academies /colleges for art and design registers as educational institution as also to all professional designers at all ages. Every participant can apply with max. 3 posters. Group applications are not allowed.

Competition rules

  • The Poster must promote the issue “Donate blood, youth, humanity”.
  • Poster dimensions are: 500×700 mm with 150dpi resolution CMYK profile in JPG or PDF format.
  • Files can not exceed 25mb and should be sent at until 15th of April.
  • All used fonts must be vectored and rasterized.
  • It is not allowed to use any designs/materials that are not holder of the copyrights.

Jury will be consisting of 3 members including representatives from Red Cross and Plakart.


The author of the winning poster will be awarded with 2 person weekend stay at the hotel Solferino, Struga and possibility his work to be included in the promo materials (flyer, poster, billboard) that will be prepared and published within the Red Cross activities.

Additionally, at 14th of July – Worlds Blood Donor Day in the premises of Daycare Centre of Blood Donations/ Dare Dzambaz there will be venue dedicated to promotion and  improvement of this noble cause in the City of Skopje. At this event exhibition of the all arrived posters will be held. This venue will be covered by the media.

Copyrights for the all other posters will be transferred to Red Cross Skopje and in the future will be used in campaigns and promo activities of the Blood Donation causes.



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Skopje Poster

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