Opening of the 8. One Design Week, that is happening in Plovdiv, is one of the most important design festivals in the region. This year edition was announced to have wide spectrum program and it did not disappointed.

Whitin the frames of the ODW Plakart’s appearance included two projects: Exhibition of the 100 finalist posters from 8. Skopje Poster competition on the issue “Enabled For Disabled” and presentation entitled “Skopje Poster Festival. Rasing people’s awareness of global and social issues trough social design”.

Plakart appearance at the 8. ODW was used by us in two matters, first one is promotion of Skopje Poster Festival as Macedonian design project in front of the creative industries community from Bulgaria. This project particularly corresponds to all of the projects that Plakart is or has been organizing in the past 9 years. The second purpose was promotion of young design talents, including Macedonians, by the exhibition of the finalist posters from 8. Skopjeposter competition “Enabled For Disabled” – Plakart representatives stated.

Poster exhibition was opened alongside the opening of the festival which took place on 10 June and will be opened for visitors until 19 June.

House of Culture Boris Hristov was the venue location for the presentation – primarily addressed to young designers and students of visual communications. Plakart’s representatives has presented the history of Skopje Poster Competition formerly known as International Student Poster Festival, as well as other projects from its portfolio. By organising yet another exhibition of student posters Association of Graphic Designers – Plakart confirmed its role as one of the most important promoters of poster art and contributor in improving conditions of design and creative industries in Macedonia, on the Balkan and worldwide.

Lastly, young designers from Bulgaria were invited to enter 9. Skopje poster competition “Identity In Crisis”.

One Design Week, formerly organised in the capitol of Bulgaria, is one of the most important in the region confirmed by the fact that VIP guest attended its opening – President of the Republic of Bulgaria and Princess of Netherlands.

8. ODW program offer is enormous – exhibitions, presentations, workshops, kids program, focus activities Vishegrad and Nordic Design, Design Forum that will take place on 18 June and will host significant number of designers.

This project – alondside with the Plakart’s co-organisation of SUND Festival in Belgrade in May- was last one this cultural season and additional collaborations will be undertaken from September.


SPF at 8. One Design Week

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