As part of this year’s Skopje Poster Festival, which opening was held yesterday at the MKC, for the first time in the country held regional design conference on the Condition of the Design in The Balkans and its Integration in the Educational Process

To return to the true values that promote the design and designers can not be reduced to designers, were the main conclusions of the regional conference.

“The design has timeless context. By imposing certain conditions and limitations, additional frameworks for the design are beeing set up. The design is an artifact, the poster is an artifact which operates out of time and without a longitude and latitude. So very offtenly i am forced to cancel the cooperation, cause as artist and designer i am not allowed to expose my creativity and freedom to express myself, “said Laze Tripkov, President  of Skopje Poster Festival. Adding that the inappropriate treatment by institutions, poor education on creativity and importance of design, the small financial compensation, primarily imposed restrictions on designers who are at the customers in making their products are the key problems that complain representatives of the profession.

According to Iva Babaja, President of the ICO-D  and also this year’s jury, said that recession has hit most of the countries, and the results are far different from those than 10 years ago. Today the double work get twice less means. – The design is not a matter if somebody likes it or not, but a matter of mathematics. We are struggling more or less not only to educate the customers, but also to provide education for some infrastructure, like Governments, National design centers or  to create national design policy, said Babaja.


With this constataions has agreed one of the the best Macedonian graphic designer Konstantin Tanchev- Dinka, who believes that in the past the customers more respected the work of the artist. He sees the solution in building a quality system of education in the field of design.

“The criteria are very week and limited, and i believe that we first must set a system of criteria for the educational system, and to distinguish which are those criteria that can deal with the design. Of course I do not think it should be banned freedom of choice, but to make a general, selection criteria, to find the right people to deal, emphasized Konstantine Tanchev – Dinka.

The design is the first visual contact with the culture. This builds and develops aesthetics in each individual and therefore the low quality design should end, categoriclly declared the Balkan Designers at this conference.

The famous designer and a3lso creative director of one of the most awarded advertising agencies in the region “Bruketa&Zhinic” Davor Bruketa in his lecture emphasized that despite the emergence of new schools and major designers of typography and graphic design, Croatia faces serious financial challenges and actually a lot of people were looking for work abroad, which is a great pity, because this leads to a serious brain drain. “I am glad that in the digital era, poster managed to survive as a reliable communication tool, which is very unusuall. That is very inspiring for young artists, which can be seen from the posters that participated in the competition , they are very fresh and creative” , says Bruketa.

And it proved with yesterday’s opening ceremony of the 7th Skopje poster, which published the winning posters from the total posted in 2023, the participants from 44 countries. The first two winning posters from participants from Turkey, and third place went to the poster of the participant from Germany.

In Turkey, graphic designers are very serious about their profession, said Aysegul Izer, a member of the jury fromTurkey. – “The works are evaluated according to the graphic design standards, creativity of youth, typography, color, design, literally everything. Turkey constantly awards serious works. I want in the near future to invite teachers and young students from your country to Turkey to be able to share those experiences in common workshops, it is important that all design and work for peace, to develop awareness, ethics and graphic design, “says Izer.

Regional conference on design complete, but Skopje Poster lasting until the 20th month. In the gallery of the Youth Cultural Centre, under the motto “Design for Peace”, you can view the creative works of graphic designers from around the world.


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