Posters from the 9th International Student Poster Competition entitled “Identity in Crisis” will travel on a spring/summer postreview exhibition tour.

The exhibition will present 50 works of young designers, participants at 9. Skopjeposter student competition. The posters are works of design and visual communications students from 24 countries, including two first-rewarded posters, 2 special awarded works, 6 honorary, and remaining 40 finalist posters.

The series of traveling exhibitions will be launched with the opening of the exhibition in Startit Center in Novi Sad, Serbia, on 22 April. On the beginning of May, 50 finalist will be part of the Design Week in Lithuania, and then will be transferred to the Academy of Arts in Kaunas. Further, at the end of May posters will be communicating their messages from the metro stations in Porto, Portugal, and in the summer will travel to Poland, USA etc.

More details about these collaborations will be published soon.

Plakart – The Association of Designers of Macedonia invites all lovers of poster and graphic design to visit and join us at the exhibitions aimed to convey powerful messages of student posters on “Identity In Crisis” across Europe and the world.