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Students from European University and FON University rewarded with study visit in Poland

Student works from the contest regarding promotional poster entitled "Republic of Macedonia as travel destination", organised by Plakart, Museum of City of Skopje and Embassy of Republic of Poland to Repbulic of Macedonia, was [...]

By |March 17, 2017|Categories: Activities, Competition, Exhibition, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

Deadline for a poster competition “Republic of Macedonia as a Travel Destination” is approaching

Through the theme "Republic of Macedonia as a tourist destination," the organizers have decided to focus on the issue of quality-designed promotion of Macedonia in the world as an attractive tourist and cultural destination.   [...]

By |February 24, 2017|Categories: Activities, Competition, Jury, Skopjeposter|0 Comments

Finalist exhibition from 9th Skopje Poster Competition on the way around the world

Ninth edition of Skopje Poster Festival has ended. Beginning from 21 until 04th of December 2016 Museum of City of Skopje was the venue location for the Festival – consisting of 4 exhibitions, bu also [...]

Winners of 9. Skopje Poster International Student Competition

After 4 years Skopje Poster Festival has returned to the Museum of City of Skopje for its 9th edition. Identity in Crisis was the topic of this year competition, which we thought its up-to-date topic, [...]

Finalist of 9. Skopje Poster “Identity in Crisis” Competition

9. Skopje Poster Festival „Identity in Crisis” exceeded our expectations. Our competition has noted permanent increase of the number of the poster submissions in the last couple of years, this year compared to the previous [...]

By |November 16, 2016|Categories: 2016, Activities, Competition, Festival, Participants, Skopjeposter|1 Comment

Multi-day pleasure for public with sharpened senses!

Ninth edition of Skopje Poster Festival is ahead of us. From 21 until 30 November 2016 Museum of City of Skopje will be the venue location for the Festival - full of design workshops, exhibitions [...]

By |November 7, 2016|Categories: 2016, Activities, Festival, Skopjeposter|0 Comments